Denmark Design: Danish feast

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Denmark Design: Danish feast


A buffet of Danish designs and discussions to savour before Auckland Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, Denmark Design.

Danish design is one of the few cultural hallmarks that has hypnotised the world with its principles and their irresistible charm. Functionality, sustainability, simplicity – these have been but some of the reasons we buy, mimic and distil Danish design into a lifestyle, as compulsively as buying a toothsome sweet. The Auckland Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, Denmark Design, then, is poised to be simply moreish.

To sate design cravings and early anticipation, Novelnyt will be be putting together a few Danish delights for you to relish over the coming weeks. Find these morsels below. 

10 Danish chairs everyone should know

From Egg to Y: the seats that turned into thrones. 

Mr. Bigglesworthy

Dan and Emma Eagle of the Auckland-based furniture store discuss Danish design’s place within New Zealand and it’s wider Scandinavian context.

7 names shaping Denmark’s design scene

The creative minds giving new form to the cornerstones of Nordic style.


Richard Munao, founder and director of furniture retailer Cult, reflects on the continued growth and far-reaching influence of the designs in his company.


Andy Jones, the owner of Auckland’s Karakter, has one eye on the past and another looking to the future.

Denmark Design will run from 25 October 2019 to 2 February 2020.

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