Top Shelf: Blueberry

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Top Shelf: Blueberry.

Top Shelf: Blueberry.

Turn a hint of ’80s and a splash of pop into a cool blueberry sorbet for the modern home.

Luce side table by Cappellini | $4317 from or; Radiant table lamp | $197 from
Estrid backpack in burgundy by Sandqvist | $699 from
True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier watch | $3024 from
Finch by Phillipa Cowdrey for Designer Rugs | from $5340 from
Vessel prototype by Elyse Graham x CIAV Meisenthal |,
TON Chair Cordoba 612 | from $735 from
Lovely Rita shelf by Kartell | $550 from
Sundial coffee table by Yield Design | $2158 from
USM Haller side console by Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller | $3100 from
Rotonda crystal resin lamp by Adrian Cruz | $2595 from

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